In a market with no shortage of hospital lotteries, DreamLife Lottery, which supports Covenant Health Facilities in Edmonton, needed to make sure its lottery campaign stood out from the rest.

What language was going to encourage more people to purchase a ticket?

What prize image would stick with potential ticket buyers most?

What creative campaign concept would be the one that sticks, the one that would help DreamLife Lottery the most in providing vital care for thousands of Alberta patients, residents, and families at the Grey Nuns, Misericordia, and Edmonton General Hospitals in Edmonton?

DreamLife Lottery is an ongoing client for Johnston Research. The research aspect is key for the hospital, to determine how to best connect with current and potential ticket buyers.

Typically, Johnston Research, in conjunction with Calder Bateman Communications, investigates audience reactions to distinct campaign concepts for the lottery. Research engages current, previous, lapsed and first-time DreamLife Lottery ticket buyers between the ages of 25 and 64.

The research gathered by Johnston Research helps the Covenant Health Foundation and Calder Bateman in selecting the best lottery campaign concept by understanding which of the proposed concepts appealed most to respondents and why.

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