The young adult workforce plays a critical role in our economy. But it’s not enough to just receive an education and assume that will ensure a young person coming out of school will immediately get a job.

In 2015, the Government of Alberta in conjunction with agency DDB, looked to reduce youth unemployment by creating a resource to assist youth in successfully transitioning from school and into the work environment.

That’s how MyWorkQuest (Youth Employment Portal) was born.

Up to that point, there had not been a service quite like MyWorkQuest, which was designed to give youth all the tools and resources they needed to ensure they could confidently gain employment.

But to create a comprehensive resource like this, research needed to be done. Johnston Research was hired to conduct two stages of research to support the Youth Employment Portal development.

The first stage of the research was exploratory, investigating how youth transition from school to workforce, examining tools used to support the transition, identifying challenges and barriers faced by youth when transitioning and uncovering gaps for youth related employment supports. Results from this first stage of research informed the development of the look, content and functionality of the website.

The second round of research was conducted to validate the website design approach and to gather feedback on content, including information quality, thoroughness, writing style, level of language and use of videos.

Both stages of research were conducted via 3-day, online bulletin boards.  Over 130 questions were asked resulting in 5,000 response posts and 600 pages of transcripts. More importantly, research helped to clarify the two primary ways users of the site wanted to gather information and how the site could be designed to support these two approaches, ultimately helping youth get all the information they needed to transition into the workforce.

Click here, to see the final result.