Our experience in qualitative research is extensive. We have completed nearly 275 projects, over 900 focus groups and 500 in-depth telephone interviews. We have been on over 150 road trips with our clients across Alberta and western Canada. We have spoken with over 8100 people, and by our best guess, asked about 27,000 questions.

During our +900 focus groups, we have talked to a lot of people (kindergarten students, home buyers, expectant mothers, employers and diamond sellers) about a lot of different things (safe driving, paying child support, recycling beverage containers, and the journey of being treated for cancer). And while our experience is extensive, what we really love to do comes down to communication research – understanding how people interpret messages around them and how those messages influence behaviour (choosing which events to attend in our free time, taking precautions to prevent STIs, determining which annual pass to purchase at City of Edmonton recreation facilities or the actions taken to find that perfect job out of university).

Johnston Research has expertise in the following areas of qualitative research and public involvement.

Brand evaluations

Product and services assessments

Website assessments

Advertising and communications assessments

Social marketing evaluations

Program and policy evaluations