Paying into a pension can often ensure a more comfortable, stress-free retirement but pensions can be complicated topics to maneuver.

Often, employees don’t think about their personal pension benefits until retirement starts to loom. There can be a real lack of pension benefit knowledge among employees until it’s near time to retire.

This can be a challenge for employers and the providers and administrators of pension services. In an ideal scenario, employees would have a comprehensive understanding of their pension and benefits well before they need to use them.

Clear and thorough communications about the pension and benefits process for members is key for the Alberta Pensions Services Corporation and Local Authorities Pension Plan.

That’s why they reached out to Johnston Research to discover key insights from members to help inform the development of pension communication materials and website redesigns.

Specifically, the Local Authorities Pension Plan wanted to ensure its new website was providing the right information, in the right way, for its members.

They knew their previous site was in need of a major overhaul, so, with the help of Johnston Research, focus groups were conducted with LAPP members in Edmonton and Calgary to understand the specific challenges with the old site and to determine best website information structure  and visitor journey.

Following the research, the website was updated and received resounding approval from members, who felt not only that their opinions had been heard, but that it was now easier for all members to better understand their pensions and benefits, and ultimately better prepare them for retirement.