We are fascinated by human behaviour and enjoy nothing more than understanding people and their opinions.


Johnston Research is a qualitative research company, rooted in Alberta, established in 2006. The company is led by owner and senior moderator Sandra Johnston.

Qualitative research explores the range of opinions that occur in your target market and investigates why the public perceives what they do and the factors influencing their range of opinions.

Our experience in qualitative research is extensive. We are passionate about our work and committed to supporting our clients’ needs to contribute to the success of their projects.

Since its inception, Johnston Research has become a well respected firm in the market research field, having completed over 275 projects, working with both public and private enterprises, including local and provincial governments, not for profit agencies, and the top advertising and communications companies in Alberta.

At Johnston Research, the majority of our research falls into one of three categories: face to face focus groups, one-on-one in-depth interviews, or online bulletin board focus groups.

Our number one goal when choosing a technique is to ensure that whatever tools we use, we are creating a comfortable and effective forum for gathering feedback and insights from your target audience.