Sometimes in life, you can feel stuck, or afraid. You may know you want a change, and that you want to take on new opportunities in life, but you’re not sure how to start. You’re not sure what to do. You’re not sure if anyone out there can help you.

This is the feeling Women Building Futures (WBF) wanted to tap into for their You Got This awareness campaign launched in 2017. They knew women in particular, were feeling this way, because these very women are the ones coming through their programs. They wanted to speak to more women who were feeling this way; to tell them that they weren’t alone, and that Women Building Futures could help.

WBF is an organization committed to preparing women for economically prosperous careers in industries where women have historically been under-represented. The organization helps women enter and succeed in a career in the trades.

As part of the awareness campaign, Johnston Research, in conjunction with Calder Bateman Communications, conducted six focus groups across Alberta to determine what language, imagery, and creative concept overall had the biggest impact on research respondents—women age 25-44, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, who had expressed some interest in completing an education or training program to qualify for new career opportunities.

The research gauged how certain campaign visuals and language made the women feel, as well as general perceptions women had about the trades.

This qualitative research supported the development of Women Build Futures’ ‘You Got This’ campaign, an empowering, multi-platform campaign utilizing both digital and traditional mediums, including powerful video, radio and photography of real women in trades, telling other women “You Got This.”

Click here to watch ‘You Got This’ (be prepared for the feels)