When you’re injured at work, you are faced with a number of uncertainties. Are you going to be okay? Will you be able to go back to work? How will you be able to care for your family while you’re recovering? What will life and work be like after your injury? These are big, and oftentimes scary questions.

Albertans who are injured on the job have the Workers’ Compensation Board to help them through this challenging and uncertain time in their lives.

But the Workers’ Compensation Board saw a disconnect between the work it was doing to help Albertans, and the public perception of this work. WCB needed to increase understanding and trust that Albertans had with the organization. It wanted to show Albertans that it was an organization that helped Albertans get back to work and life, treated claimants and employers with fairness and respect, and was an organization that future claimants could approach with confidence.

Johnston Research delivered two-phase audience testing to support a WCB awareness campaign, in conjunction with Calder Bateman Communications.

A qualitative research project was conducted as part of campaign development, that included 10 focus groups over an 8-month period focused on providing insights on creative campaign executions—visuals and language.

Research engaged both employers and workers from a range of high and low risk industries. Groups were asked probing questions about the potential creative material, and feedback gathered helped the client decide what concept they should go with for their first public awareness campaign in a long time.

What the research found was the most approachable, likable and memorable campaign concept was the character ‘Whitney, the WCB Worker’ who literally walks audiences through different injured worker and recovery scenarios, showcasing unexpected services and treatment options, all aimed at increasing Albertans’ knowledge of the WCB, its services and its mandate.

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